Going with the flow is a lot easier said than done. It really consists of letting go of all your worries and trusting the process, too really put yourself out there and understand that if you do not get what you want right away that it is OK, you will get what you seek for in due time. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. Although, Going with the flow is not a traditional way people tend to go about things, it is a much calmer way to approach things and feel better at the end of the day. You feel more accomplished and end up in a better mood, instead of worrying about what you can't control you just shrug it off and do the best you can. Definitely makes for an easier day. Going with the flow has numerous benefits, not only for your mental health but your physical as well.


Even the simplest tasks like taking out the trash, or even making your bed in the morning. Can make your mind wander to the next task without even completing the first. Then you worry about what NEEDS to be done, then you start planning from the second you wake up everything you THINK has to be done and your mind eventually becomes mush because guess what!! You spent all this time planning your day instead of just getting it done stress free. Don't get me wrong you should always know what needs to be done but the worrying about it, by the end of the day you feel like your world is coming to an end or something. Not worth it.

Do your mind and body a favor and take a chill pill, all of that thinking will inevitably lead you down a path of which you may not return, just kidding you'll be fine but it will make your day harder, constantly thinking ahead for the next task or behind on what you didn't end up finishing will get you no where. What needs to be done is a method we all should be familiar with called "Going with the flow".

Going with the Flow is an effective method to live stress free and not be so exhausted from What Sadhguru calls "Mental Diarrhea". Going with the flow is a state of mind in which you can think clearly on what the tasks at hand are, while living in the present and breathing/enjoying yourself. Positivity is always key, keep your mind from thinking to much because the price you pay will be worse than if you just enjoyed your time doing it. Your day will feel more rewarding at the end. Trust me!!


Allowing your mind and body to follow "The Flow" means to allow yourself to immerse in challenging activities that wouldn't otherwise be visited if you were so engulfed by the constant abuse you put yourself through. You can reach Double productivity and improved performance simply by Going with the flow, by fully committing to whatever it is you are doing and having a happy positive attitude while doing it. No matter the situation you must not let the bad thoughts set in and always give yourself a pat on the back. :Just do your thing" a friend of mine once said "you'll learn by doing a little everyday, there is no need to rush, you got this". Words i feel everyone should take in a hold. Whether it's work task, home tasks, running errands, or whatever you need to do. Positivity is the happiest influence and will get you through the day.