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Cameron Jibril Thomaz, (Wiz Khalifa) #1 Rapper in my opinion... was born September 5, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota to Military parents.. Peachie Wimbush (Khalifa's Mom) served in the Air Force as well as Laurence Thomaz (Khalifa's Father). For just a few years after the World Famous Rapper was born until the age of 2, his parents traveled to Germany, London, and Japan allowing Khalifa to live through multi cultures and get an early start at carving his own identity at such an early age.

After his parents split, Mrs. OG Peachie settled in Pittsburgh where he was raised, Wiz started rapping as a child at the age of nine just messing around, just a few years after he began recording his tracks. Wiz attended high school in Pittsburgh named Taylor Allderice High School while still rapping, gaining a local fan base. Fun Fact...Mac Miller attended the same High school as Wiz for just a short time together. AYY!! Wiz Khalifa is nothing short of a legend...please show him some love if you haven't already.!! Khalifa and Mrs. Peachie Wimbush (his mom) had such an unbreakable bond where they would attend concerts together on shrooms 😂that's the coolest mom.



Wiz Khalfia's very first album in 2006 under the Record Label Rostrum called "Show and Prove". For a short period of time Wiz was signed with a Record Label named Warner Bros from 2007-2009 in which he dropped just a few mix tapes. Early 2009 Wiz broke the contract with Warner Bros and went on to

release his second project "Kush and OJ" with Rostrum that stole the hearts of real hardcore hip/hop fans. About a year an a half later Wiz dropped his third album/project "Rolling Papers" which was his first HUGE Album called with a bunch hit songs on it (Black and Yellow, No sleep, On My Level, and of course Roll Up) all my classic favorites that hit the charts puling in so much love from around the world.

Wiz Khalifa has been a huge Superstar since the day he hit the studio, dropping so much heat over the years. Last year especially was a big year for him, putting out a total of 5 projects (Multiverse, Taylor Allderice, Full Court Press, Stoners Night with Juicy J and a Playoff Ready mix tape). This man can't be stopped!! From working with record labels to having one of his own (Taylor Gang). Hitting Top 200 charts with the songs that went platinum, gold and silver while being a dope father and maintaining his 420, chill, friendly lifestyle. "The Taylor Gang Lifestyle". Taylor Gang Originated from the lifestyle Wiz and his homies lived back in his hometown Pittsburgh, that continued to this day keeping it real and kicking it since day one. A lifestyle i can definitely get behind


One day at Snoops house, you know... doing his thing and he heard not only that LOUD but he heard some heat coming from his son's room. This sound caught the ear of the World famous rapper SNOOP DOGG so you know it's gotta sound good. As Snoops older son continues Bumping some Khalifa, smoking some weed and just kicking it, his pops walks in an says who is this rapping!! His son simply told him who it was and the rest is History. Snoop got in touch with the superstar Wiz ASAP and they both got to work on some really neat projects such as the film Mac and Devin Go To High School, officially released in the summer of 2012 but worked on literally since the time they met back in 2011 as well as some mix-tapes and hot singles in between . This duo really wasted no time getting to work and soon became a force. P.S. Mac and Devin go to High School is such a classic stoner movie, one of y favorites and you can go check it out on Netflix.