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Who is Nick Diaz ?

Nick Diaz is a professional MMA fighter, Jujitsu black belt and pioneer of the sport.

Born August 2, 1983 in Stockton, California, Nick has a younger brother Nate who is also a professional MMA fighter and sister named Nina. Nick and his two siblings were raised by there mother Melissa in the rough city of Stockton, as a child Nick was an energetic kid looking for an outlet to direct his energy. Nick would run for miles around the city early in the morning and like most kids from Stockton get in fights, the environment Nick grew up in was a hostile one where stabbings and shootings were part of everyday life making joining a gang for protection a common route for kids Nick’s age.

As a young teenager Nick would start dating a girl named Stephanie and with that brought up conflicts with Stephanie”s ex boyfriend and his friends, to avoid getting beaten up Nick started training, with this his confidence went up. At 15 years old Nick dropped out of Tokay high school to focus on fighting and at 16 started training Jujitsu. One night a friend of Nick had a party and at the party was Nick’s girlfriend Stephanie, leaving the party Stephanie would step onto a highway tragically killing herself. This unfortunate event would motivate Nick to become something great, running 7 miles to her grave everyday promising her that he’d make it as a fighter. Nick made his MMA debut in 2001 with IFC winning by triangle choke against Mike Wick.

Having fought from 2001-2015 for various organizations such as Strike-force, WEC, IFC, Pride, Elitexc, Dream, Shoot and most notably the UFC.Nick was the welterweight champion in Strike-force, WEC and IFC and a UFC title contender, he’s also defeated legendary fighters such as Robbie Lawler, Bj Penn, Takanori Gomi, Frank Shamrock and Paul Daley. Nick Diaz now coaches fighters and has no plans of returning to the sport of fighting.

Joe Rogan described Nick’s fighting style saying “ Nick Diaz changed the game in terms of his elite cardio, he’s not gonna hit you with 100 percent power, he’s gonna hit you with 50 percent but he’s gonna hit you twice as much and your never gonna get to breath and he’s going to stay on top of you and talk to you the whole time”. Nick Diaz”s legacy of being an elite fighter that came up from a place that not many make it out of. Going through the challenges he has faced and coming out on top will forever be ingrained in the history of professional MMA and in the history of Stockton California.