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It's really not as bad as people think. I mean... yea it's a little more physically demanding and can leave you pretty depressed if an idiotic person says anything along the lines of "why do you walk like that," or my favorite "you know you're suppose to work your legs also at the gym"...not amused at all and that was from a close friend of mine when we first met but obviously he was joking. I found out that he had a sense of humor after that moment, Boy did that spark a good friendship...because even though what he said was tasteless and rude, i looked at it dam this guys has big brass balls. One thing i actually prefer people do about noticing me being cripple is don't be afraid to ask about it. Also Don't be rude because i can be a high tempered Portuguese. I'm sure i can speak for anyone dealing with anything abnormal is that we would all 100000% rather you just genuinely ask about the situation or what happened rather than constantly starring or looking down at me. Like jeez I'm already dealing with something extra that most people are not dealing with...WHY NOT look down at me and make the situation worse. F*king people sometimes i swear 🤦‍♂.


Anyway, growing up as a kid with a physical disability wasn't the worse thing that could have happened to me. It was annoying hearing certain individuals who thought they were funny making dumb comments, but i never let it get me down. I would always make fun of myself half the time so they didn't really have much to go off of or they'd look dumb as hell. I still had a really cool friend group i hung out with in school known as the immigrants. I met them all in ESL ( English as a Second Language), never quite understood why i was in that class because English was always my first language as well as a few other kids. Super glad i was in their though, I met some really cool people who taught me how to speak their languages...sometimes 😂. I really never felt alone in school considering i was in a class of misfits who brought me out of my shell, boosted my confidence an in middle school was kind of the class comedian. That earned me some stars and stripes with a lot of people. Best years of my life were in middle school.

Now High school comes around and oh boy did everything change, my ride or die friends and i got separated all over the place. Some moved back to their main land and some went with me to high school, but were placed in classes where the only way we'd see each other was through passing or lunch. What a way to take a kids self esteem away huh. By taking his homies away that were the very reason I forgot i was cripple from the jump. Oh well, life goes on i still kept in contact with most of them soon we all faded away.

To Be Honest i was never really bullied but could have easily been had i let my guard down, and showed the punks/bullies any bit of fear. In high school i took to the fitness center a lot and worked out what i could work out which was mostly upper body, so that could have also been a factor why no one messed with me due to sheer respect that i put my time in the gym considering i was cripple and couldn't throw the weights around like everyone else but for sure i put my time in. Maybe people made fun of me behind my back, but never bothered me because i never heard it and in my opinion they were ballsy enough to say it so never let it get to me.

Now this is just some of my story and i know there are millions of others like me. My advice to you all is keep your head held high and do what you do best by shining. Show all the low lives you are not a force to reckon with. We are all in this together and someone who already has a hard time completing easy tasks like running or even walking across a grassy field like myself because of lack of balance. Don't let those people who have no idea what it's like make you feel unwanted or crappy, there are plenty of beautiful people out there all walks of life that will treat you like the person you are.

Shout out to all my friends and family that treated me like a person and to the great memories we all had together. I love you all. To everyone who didn't go take a long walk off a short pier.