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Things that made Jay-z and Beyoncé a "Power Couple."

As we all know, Jay-z + Beyoncé are the King 👑 and Queen👑 of the hip- hop/rap culture, and have been for decades. Through the decades they've been doing their thing, putting smiles on peoples faces. The King and Queen made a highly distinguishable impact on society, whether it was through their music career, the amazing speeches they give at award ceremonies, or their generous donations to charities that actually do make a difference to the world. Some of these charities were even started by the power couple in hopes to make this world a better place. Shout out to the king and queen. Although you know what you're doing, you may not know how you're impacting everyone's life. In case y'all weren't aware of the Power Couples contributions. Let me break it down for you.

Global Citizen, Global Poverty Project:

One of the major contributing factors Jay-z + Beyoncé provide this world, are a numerous amount of non-profit organizations they donate too and follow up by paying homage, to those reaping the benefits from the Power Couples amazing donations. Global citizen, and Global Poverty Project in particular are a few non profits Jay-z and Beyonce donate to, regarding extreme poverty due to a natural disaster or horrendous situations, bringing relief to the areas affected and helping build back up the community that was devastated by these conditions. These two Celebrities in particular are one of the few couples that have been together for a long time, thus the name "power Couple," captivate such a huge audience, but yet still remain so Humble in their continuous efforts to make this world a better place. Aiming to help those in need, The king and queen always stay busy matching the money to their faces so that those that were affected badly have an idea that the world is there to back them up.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation:

These two Foundations in particular are among the non-profits organization that are continuously working towards a cure, for both HIV/AIDS and Multiple Myeloma. The mission for these two organizations are to make Citizens living the unfortunate truth of having either of these illnesses to provide them a treatment that would not only make life for them more sustainable, but to make it comfortable for those suffering while waiting for a cure to surface. As I can only assume for jay-z and his queen just like myself, it is hard watching people suffer daily from something they had no control over, whether it was contracted over the years or hereditary. This world is cruel and unusual as we know it, so living with a condition added to the pressure is not easy. Although it is not impossible but sure as shit a bit of a struggle and I for one am very glad that organizations like this out there that provide such an affordable treatment for those who need it.

Shawn Carter Foundation, Artists for peace and Justice, Unitedway, GEMS ( Girls Educational and Mentoring Services ):

All of these foundations provide a form of services to all people who need it, either individually or through the power of their communities, in hopes to make their lives better and easier to obtain future goals, passions. Jay-z and Beyonce really nailed it with their generous donations to these non-profits, opening the eyes of the people who may/may not be affected by any of these, simply because they aimed to help people suffering in many different ways ( human trafficking, sex trafficking, gang violence, self inflicted violence, Etc). These are all very real world wide issues that people face daily and potentially could be fatal to some if they do not have the right support they need, which is why non-profits such as these exist. To provide the support for those who are in need of it.