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As we all may know labor day is one of the long weekends of the year we look forward to. Getting to party all weekend not worrying about work and drinking until the sun comes up. Labor day has been a staple in our lives for all of our lives and we all are grateful for it I'm sure!! Labor Day is actually a huge reason we can all celebrate and do what we do. But do we know the actual history behind it??


Essentially Labor Day is nationwide recognized holiday to appreciate the working class for being the back bone of this country and run the economy. YOU DO KNOW that we "the working class" is what this country relies on? In order for the government to work properly as well as the economy and for all of those higher ups who make the money they do not deserve what so ever. They just take and take and then throw us a holiday for appreciation which doesn't make up for the millions they're making vs the pennies we are while we do the leg work. But hey!! to each their own I guess.


Records show in1882 that Labor Day was founded by Peter J McGuire and Matthew Macguire who both make a solid claim for being involved. I know what your thinking but no they are not related. Purely coincidental. These two gentleman are believed by many people for different reason as to why they were the "Founders of Labor Day."

One of these fellas Peter J McGuire, was an American Laborer Leader as well as the "General Secretary Of The Brother Hood Of Carpenters" and a "Co-Founder Of The American Federation Of Labor," who stood in front of the New York Central labor union in may of 1882 and simply suggested we put a day aside to Appreciate the Honor of Laborers.

While on the other hand In the 1870's Matthew MacGuire was responsible for leading the laborers to a plight so they could get the attention from the public to recognize the hours and hard work they were putting in. That really put Matthew MacGuire in a place of power He then became the "Secretary For the Central Labor Union of New York as well as a Leading Figure For the people. After the President Passed the law to nationalize Labor Day as a holiday the NJ Newspaper issued an opinion piece titled, "Honor to Whom Honor is Due" which basically stated how Matthew MacGuire was the real unsung hero for having the people rise up for what is right.

The only reason Matthew MacGuire wasn't publicly recognized for founding Labor Day was due to his political beliefs and how they were believed to be radical. So then the American Federation of Labor appointed the credit to Peter J McGuire. I guess cancellation has been around for awhile.


It was a slow and long process for these Labor Activists before Labor Day became a Federal Holiday. But, they made it as the states started passing the Law of Labor Day. First New York was the state to introduce the bill but not pass. Oregon believe it or not was the first state to actually pass the law recognizing Labor Day on February 21, 1887, which led to Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York to follow order by the end of that year.

The year of 1887 was a turning point for laborers across the country. All the blood sweat and tears finally got recognized as these first 5 states kicked it off leading to a few more states Connecticut, Nebraska and Pennsylvania whom did the same by the end of the decade. By the end of the century an additional 23 more states to hop on the Labor Day train making June 28th, 1894 the day congress passed an act dedicating the first Monday of every September Labor Day as we show the appreciation of the hard workers of this country.