Sadhguru's Movements And Practices That Will Change The World.

Sadhguru is a well known master of the mind. He is a yogi, a guru, a mystic, and lover of our mother earth who IS making a difference. He is 1 of top 50 most influencial men in India and India is one of the leading countries in the world as far as population and it's not too far behind China. So there is no question, his words of wisdom and practices are making an impact. Sadhguru is one of leading contributors to the soil crisis, doing as much as he can to bring awareness and a solution to the depletion of organic soil that our planet earth needs, in order to produce nearly all of the food humanity thrives from. Without organic soil (top soil) we will all suffer from a lack of nutrients, natural vitamins that our vulnerable bodies need to function properly. Put an end to the pesticides and chemicals we use to pump our agriculture for faster processing because it is destroying our world as we speak.


Sadhguru the being not the word is who we call a Mystic. A Being/person that explores the truths beyond just understanding and knowing in a transcending manner, beyond what the normal persons knowledge and undsertanding is. The Understanding and knowing without being tied too any sort of belief system that may influence your practice this. Its' a way of thinking that puts you in a transcendence allowing you to think past any normal thought process. See, Sadhguru uses his transcendant way of life being a Mystic to help others find their Guru or Sadhguru.

A Guru is a Being who simply seeks the answers of which he/she does not know, and the truth behind it without transcending, The more you seek of which you do not know is where you find your inner Guru, constantly searching for the uknown while showing uncomfort in what you are seeking is a sign that you are unraveling your guru within. Sadhguru is also a yogi which is the basic practice of yoga and meditation in Indian Religions. Just a few minutes a day may change your life to a more clear and independent thinker which will allow you to find you inner guru and transcend into an all powerful Mystical Being. Sadhguru made it his mission and vision to offer all and any Human Being the science that will help them find their ultimate inner potential.


Save Soil is a Movement Sadhguru initiated in the 90's to combat the World wide crisis involving the soil. This is an alarming threat that is destroying mother nature as we speak and within the next 60 years we will run out of cultivative soil that brings all beings on this planet the nutritional value crucial for our survival. For all of humanity that enjoys this planet and the resources we get from it, we should act now to help resolve this issue or it will be too late. 2 Billion people to this day are affected one way or another by the depletion and degrading of our soil, 52% of our soil has already degraded and is no longer organic.

Farmers have been commiting suicide because they feel it is their fault this crisis is happening, when in fact it is not. The real threats to our soil are the big goverment companies trying to process and sell food, plants, water that are basic human necessities and are trying to get rich off of it. Save Soil is something we all need to work together to bring back organic nutritional value otherwise the outcome will be Catastrophic. The end result if this crisis is not reversed in just a few years will cause a Food Crisis, Water scarcity, Loss of bio-diversity, Climate Change, Loss of livelihood, and Conflict and Migration. Yea!!! That is a laundry list of disasters we will come to terms with if we do not do what we can to help.

What you can do to help is spread awareness of the cause, go ahead and and plant a treat or build a graden in your yard and remember to use no pesticides or chemicals. You may not understand how bad those few things affect the soil but they do in a bad way. Bring back organic soil and lets reverse the soil and make it healthy again.

Sadhguru Is doing Gods work by spreading awareness either about our enviroment or teaching us how to find our inner potential by focusing the mind and setting out to find what it is we are destined to be. Thank You Sadhguru for your abundance of knowledge and helping our planet earth to the best of your ability. #SavetheSoil Soon enough the world will follow and will take care of our planet as she has taken care of us all these years.