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Marlon Wayans is one of my Favorite Comedians. He knows how to tell a joke, deliver it quickly, and effectively. He definitely learned from the best...his entire family!!! Marlon is one of 10 siblings and he is 10/10 if you know what i mean. Not only in his career but Marlon is the youngest sibling making him 10/10 amongst all the others. As we all know The Wayans Siblings...There is Dwayne, Keenon Ivory Wayans, Diedre, Damon, Kim, Elvira, Nadia, Vonnie, Shawn and Marlon Wayans. All of which are extremely talented and mostly have achieved public figure status by the time Marlon was born. Could you imagine being held up to standards of your Amazing family "The Wayans". That's a pretty high bar to fill but you know what? Marlon passed that standard society needed him to meet.

Marlon Wayans is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, a very successful comedian and above all he's husband and father. After a two decade break Marlon openly admitted that he took off from stand-up after being told by a well known comedian Chris Rock that he wasn't funny and who seemed to have heckled at Marlon while performing. Marlon then proceeded to take a two decade break from stand up and focused on his roles as an actor, performing in all types of movies Ranging from The parody "Scary Movies" that were a huge hit to the Huge entity "White Chicks"with Marlon's older brother Shawn Wayans, that popped off all over the world.

Then Marlon went ever and switched roles to star in "G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra" as ripcord who plays as second in command to Channing Tatum in this action packed Movie. This man is not just a comedian... he can do it all. Check him out!! Needless to say with all the support Marlon had...he didn't give up!! After those times of failure, he gained more insight and took a different approach. Eventually coming back to stand-up comedy and killing it all over. Marlon made a name for himself just like the rest of his family. With the help of them all from them and him helping others...the best is yet to come. Time to show you a little of what Marlon Wayans does to give back.


Seeing how Marlon's first attempt at a Stand-up comedian was short lived, His second attempt came later in life simply because who his family was. Comedic superstars that may have used up all the acts. Marlon soon came to realize you can't use all the acts when in fact each act/story from a good comedian is usually experienced from the comedian making it unique to the teller. On Marlon's journey as a stand-up comedian, while exploring the world he brought alongside the new generation of comedians that would kill it on stage opening or closing for Marlon. Tony Baker, Chaunte Wayan, D.C Ervin, Sydney Castillo,and Esou Mcgraw are some comedians of the new generation and Marlon wants to give them te chance in the spotlight. Headliners is Essentially a special on HBO of a tour these hilarious comedians went on and killed it so Marlon wants to show them off. Marlons goal of ushering in the new generation and already providing them a great platform is beyond generous. Keep doing what you're doing Marlon. Thank you and bless you and your family.