Kid Cudi's Fight For Mental Health Awareness.

Kid Cudi is an American Rapper who has suffered From Mental Health Issues his whole life, through the years, Cudi has teamed up with a few philanthropists to spread awareness and provide services advocating for Mental Health. Kid Cudi suffers from Depression himself, which is serious mental illness that affects the way you think, feel, and act negatively. Depression can be a huge damper on your social life and can be a huge relationship killer. Kid Cudi and a few others who suffer from depression aim to help people all over the world dealing with similar issues because they can relate and understand the struggle.

Kid Cudi was promoted a Mental Health Ambassador among joining the Didi Hirsch's erasing the stigma efforts committed to helping the youth heal from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, through the power of music. Erasing the Stigma is a non-profit Mental Health Organization that provides Mental Health, substance use and suicide prevention for over 150,000 people across the country. Music is in fact one the greatest ways to lift your spirits and get you motivated. Kid Cudi's music has some of the most exotic tempos and lyrics, he hums in his music! Humming is a very effective frequency noise that people can make and creates a wall of intimacy and emotion that can uplift your mood and spirit. This man Cudi can really speak to people in ways more than one, through his fight for Mental Health Awareness by the Power of Music and Ted Talks, he sure as shit is making an impact.

Not only does Cudi's music speaks to people dealing with Depression and transforms their train of thought to a much calmer not so negative direction. He also puts a lot of time and effort into going from high school to high school talking to the youth about mental health awareness. In particular Kid Cudi went to his old High school Shaker Heights High to give ted talks about his life long journey dealing with Depression. Needless to say Mr. Solo Dolo aka Kid Cudi aka Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, The Damaged Man, Mr Rager is huge inspiration too Millions and his music helps more people than Cudi could imagine. Thank You Kid Cudi for you contribution. We got your back like you got ours.