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Kevin Hart IS a runner and a track star, hypothetically speaking of course. This man does it all and doesn't want to stop. Kevin Hart as we all know is Comedian, Actor, Entrepaneur, and above all he is a Father of 4 wonderful children. A son and a daughter from the first marriage and a boy and a girl from the second marriage as well. Talk about a full plate!! Kevin Hart started his career as a comedian, performing at places all around the country, starting his tours in 2009 from "Im A Little Grown Man" to "Seriously Funny" which in my opinion were excellent names for tours. Really catches the audience.

Then Kevin Hart moved from just regular tours to tours featured in theatres, both "Laugh At My Pain" and "Let Me Explain" were very funny to say the least. Meanwhile while the tours were going on Mr Kevin Hart also took to thie film industry and starred in quite a few films you may be familliar with such "Death At a funeral", "Epic Movie", "Little fockers" and many more. Kevin Hart starred in all sorts of film genres has slayed every roll he played. Just when you thought Kevin had enough on his plate, you couldn't be more mistaken. See, Kevin also has a huge personality and loves giving back to the very people he knows are responsible for bringing him into the spotlight, and making his dreams come true. Kevin started his own non-profit organization called Help from the Harts to show some love back for the people and to help in one of the best ways he knows.


Help From The Harts was founded in 2017 by the man himself Kevin Hart, as i previously mentioned HTFH is a non-profit organization, that is focused and commited to giving back to undeserved communities providing youth in need of education, or any medical help they may need. HTFH provides youth with scholarships to attend college and help get the education they deserve due to lack of opportunity from whatever unfortunate situation that was holding them back. HTFH is also a very driven foundation that supports other community-based organizations that address educational, health, and social needs for those in need. A very self driven person Kevin Hart is, if i do say so myself. He also extended his services by donating money to a charity named "BrittiCares International", a foundation created by the lovely parents of a girl named Brittiana who sadly passed away from bone cancer. With the help and support from HTFH BrittiCares International stays dedicated to improving the quality of life for children dealing with the horror of having cancer.

Kevin Hart is a comical genius and loves to make people laugh through his stand up comedy and even the hilarious films he stars in. What im sure you didn't know is Kevin believes as do many others that comedy is a sort of remedy for people dealing with or going through something you couldn't possibly imagine. Laughter is the greatest medicine some people say, and i agree whole heartedly. Laughter puts you in a state of mind that raises emotional and mental changes in the body that not only brings people together, but allows one that is dealing with something to temporarily get over it and provides them a more positive way to deal with.

Kevin Hart is also a huge supporter of Hilarity for charity, that encourages and supports college groups to provide comedic events to raises awareness for Alzheimers research. See, comedy leads to laughter and laughter makes people happy allowing them to laugh and have a more positive outlook on whatever they may be going through. Thank you Sir Kevin for bringing nothing but the best comedy around. You truly are making a difference to millions. Spread the love and don't be afraid to crack a joke once in awhile. You never know what that person may be going through and a little laughter goes a long way.