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Kanye West.... 2 Ways He Gave Back.

Kanye West is without a doubt one of the most visually creative, very Impactful Entertainer's for communities all over the world. Whether it's bringing his fans a form of art through the power of music or his pretty lengthy Laundry list of non-profit Charitable Foundations, that he contributes immensely too, for a great cause. Kanye West Ranking Top 5 Richest Entertainers in The USA, has a range of Foundations as well as culturally creative Programs that provide anyone in need, an escape from the atrocities some of them are surrounded by each and every day. His passion for Art Vibrates Through his Music, Thought Process, Non-Profits, and just about everything he can get himself involved in. Here's a Few Things Kanye West did to give back to his communities.

Common Ground Foundation:

As most of you all who know Kanye west, either personally or not, we can safely assume he is a very religious man. Kanye talks about his religion, being a born christian and a born again christian and his journey of showing his passion for Christianity, through his Music which is apparent, but also through a Non-Profit Organizations such as The Common Ground Foundation. CGF is a Foundation that made it their mission to seek and bring back faith into communities by showing how the love of Christ can bring back the restoration of their community as well as provide the youth a sense of adventure and a better future. "I'm like a VESSEL, and god has chosen me to be the voice and the connector." A quote that Kanye said that clearly shows his passion for God and his sense of purpose. Religion is a Beautiful belief that people follow to help guide them through their wonderful life.

Art of Elysium:

Speaking of Art, and the beautiful different forms Art is portrayed. Kanye is a Huge supporter of the Art of Elysium Foundation, A foundation intended to encourage Anyone from the Entertainment Industry (Actors, Artists, Musicians) to volunteer their creativeness, talent and spend their time with people suffering from a medical condition, displacement, confinement, or a life crisis, mostly children and senior citizens are those who tend to need more attention, and to be distracted by the creativeness of those willing to volunteer their talent to such a good cause. Kanye is one of those exceptional artists who took the time to volunteer for those in need and oh boy, is he a talented man. Kanye is a very open minded visual artist that integrates visual art in his music, and his music alone is very therapeutic never mind adding the visuals to it that sometimes just leave you in awe. Although people think you're crazy kanye, we still appreciate what you do.