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Jordan Peterson is by far, the most fascinating person ever to be on Joe Rogan's podcast and to be born from Canada IMO. Yes!! I am a huge fan of Joe Rogan and the process to which he conducts interviews. Anyway among Psychologists and Canadians whom we've come to know aren't the greatest critical thinkers!! Dr. Peterson has an absolutely incredible way of critical thinking, Jordan takes the cake without a doubt for his tremendous courage and bravery to speak out on social medias against the totalatism knowing that following tweets or posts from very far left advocates such as Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister) and few others, that they would try to ruin his career by saying something they don't agree with.

Dr. Peterson is in my opinion among the most notable and knowledgeable clinical psychologists who does what he can to educate people whom DOES NOT follow narrative that the economic world forum is trying to push. We all could use a little Jordan Peterson in our life for he is one of the few trying to make life equal for all and save our simple freedoms.


Dr. Peterson born June 12 1962 in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Peterson was born to two parents Walter Peterson (Father) and Beverley Peterson (Mother). Both described as good parents to Peterson although living back in that time one can only imagine life was much tougher ...ESPECIALLY IN CANADA (home of the nicest people in the world). Peterson does have two younger siblings, one being a younger brother named Bonnie Keller who has been guests on his podcast Dr.Jordan B. Peterson Podcast which you may find to be very educational, So give that a check out as well as Jordan Peterson Website for more info on his upcoming lectures. As far as the other sibling whom remains to be :out of the picture".

Dr. Peterson studied from1982-1984 to pursue Bachelor Degree's in both Political Science and Psychology at the University of Alberta in his hometown of Edmonton. The University of Alberta is of the Top 5 Canadian Universities, just to give you a little insight to the degree of his Professionalism. Dr. Peterson also studied at McGill University from 1985-1991 to obtain a PhD in Psychology.


From books to lectures and giving assignments to podcast interviews, Dr. Peterson has taught Psychology in just about every way possible. His teaching include several Books categorized as self help, "Beyond Order", "12 Rules of life", and "Maps of Meaning" were among his more popular books. He is responsible for thousands of lectures from the universities he's taught at, in which his colleagues are coming after Dr. Peterson over some ridiculous allegations but those are facts that better be researched yourself, or being interviewed from a powerful pod caster such as Joe Rogan (JRE). He has hundreds of thousands of positive credible claims showing appreciation for his tremendous help.