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Joe Rogan's Contribution to the Free World.

Joe Rogan Experience being the #1 podcast on Spotify is a podcast tailored for all people everywhere, who enjoy the idea of a comedy integrated podcast that promotes actual open minded discussions. Now, the concept of being open minded is too be willing to accept new ideas that could potentially be very different from the idea you have either been told or came up with on your own.

Our World, Nation is changing before our eyes and Joe Rogan is one of the more positive influential changes we need now, more than ever, because he is encouraging that the majority population to conduct your own research behind everything and don't just be a sheep, by following what you've been told and don't question it. JRE has guest appearances ranging from Doctors such as Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Robert Malone discussing viruses and explaining the process of how the vaccine is processed, too Professional stuntman such as Steve-o in which he perform stunts that sometimes end up really bad, but also really hilarious.

See, our world is slowly losing the ability to talk/discuss face to face. Whether it is through the different forms of technological devices, or a certain virus revealing itself to the world, encouraging lock downs for everyone in which we stay home for an extended period of time, not being able to be in contact with anyone, while the virus we may or may not have dukes it out with our immune system and hope we reach good health once again.

Joe Rogan, being a huge advocate for independent freedom, hunting, open mindedness, and comedy as well as spreading awareness, and curiosity, has a more modern approach to discuss facts, amongst the more knowledgeable individuals about REAL non fantasy things. Rogan brings millions to his platform where they can gain insight on how to be your own person. Thank you Joe Rogan for providing everyone whether they like it or not, but will soon come to an understanding, that a diverse, authentic, unique platform showing people it is OK for you to be you.