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One weekend in the summer of 2022. Without a doubt one of the most anticipated summers everyone has been waiting for. Due to Covid complications for the past few years, that has been keeping us from doing what we do. My friends and i decided about a month prior we wanted to go camping via, which is basically an airbnb for camping. They have some beautiful campsites in the wilderness, you should all go check it out and thank me later. Anyway, as the days go by leading up to this trip, we meet up to discuss details because some of the people going are popping their camping cherry. Which is always exciting showing newcomers the way of camping. Hey, there isn't anything better than being one with nature while acting like hooligans.

Anyway, time has passed and the day has arrived and we are slowly showing up one by one at my house to gather up last minute things. At least from home before we head out. We still have a lot of other stuff to grab when we make it over the border like (food, beer, fireworks) you know...the necessities. So we make are way to New Hampshire and stop at what i call a New Hampshire Walmart. Really no difference from any other Walmart i just like to joke around a lot so everything i saw after we hit the Mass/New Hampshire threshold was the same just with New Hampshire in front of the name. I crack myself up sometimes not gonna lie. After Walmart we make a pit stop for some New Hampshire coffee at a New Hampshire Dunkin and look for ice because as you should you know I am a kill two birds with one stone kind of guy.

Finally, on route to the site. We made it through the pit stops thankfully. Now between the 6 of us we brought three trucks so had plenty of room for literally a months worth of supplies for camping but only spent the weekend unfortunately. What i would do to go back to the quality time i got to spend with my friends. We had such a good time. I love those guys. One by one the trucks start pulling in to what we thought was the site but turned out to be just a farm where we met up with the land owners so they can show us the way. Down a narrow dirt road that's sectioned off by fences for a reason i will tell you all in a bit.

So we make our way down the yellow brick dirt road and 3 gates later. If you seen wizard of oz you'll get it. We stumble upon the final gate and the owner warns us about the cows. Yea you heard it, THE COWS. I look over to my left and see some curious cows with just one of them mooing as loud as can be. I could easily picture the cow saying "what are you doing here" if they could speak English of course. As we proceed through the final gate and approach those oh so curious cows, they start to not look so curious anymore. At this point I'm leaning towards the idea that they wanna stampede the ever living crap out of us if that electric fence wasn't between us and them, we'd probably be the ones getting served on a platter.

As we're passing the cows, there is one that sticks out the most. I call him green# 15 aka the leader of the pack, aka the one i got beef with. Starring me down as we make our way down the rest of the road i start busting the cows chops. Saying you're next on the menu if you don't quit starring, mooing back at them and just observing how they travel as one. So if Green #15 got beef with me they all do lol. I call him Green # 15 because that was his tag. Had no idea what it meant. I just knew he wanted my head on one of those fence posts so he could look at it and laugh. Yea i instigated them a bit but you gotta have a little fun. Otherwise life flashes before you and you don't really have any great memories to share with your kids. As we finish the little drive we all hop out, grab our things and make our way to the site which is another decent walk away.

All a sudden i look up and boom there it is...a beautifully well put together site with an amazing lake on one side and the forest on the other. We made it baby wooo, time to chill the heck out and not worry about anything for a bit. Spoke to soon because no sooner had we pulled up, got everything settled, and just about to relax we forgot a few things. Knowing we have a pack of cows and 4 gates to get through. I volunteer to go with my buddy to make the 20 minute trip back to the road for the sheer enjoyment that i can mess with the cows again and just observe how they act. Rumor has it that they were cows brought from South Africa and are grass fed so if i didn't manage to do enough to get them going they were already a different breed of cows so they may have some pent up anger from god knows what.

We make our way out for the nice little drive to grab some liquor, beer, lights and few other things. Then we get back and there they are waiting for us. At this point its our third time going by those cows and they got reall close to that electric fence i for some reason thought they had plotted there revenge by now. I mean its been more than a few hours how long do they need ya know. This time they get closer and I'm telling my buddy this it. I love you. I'm about to die to some angry cows. Meanwhile my buddy can't stop laughing, then surely enough they retreat and i live to see another day at least until Next time.