Gavin De Becker...Founder and Chairman of a Security Company named Gavin De Becker and Associates, that specializes in High Profile Security Protection for High Profile Public Figures Including, Nation Leaders, Celebrities, and Government Authorities. de Becker is also an author of numerous books especially his newest book "Gift of Fear" that has been #1 bestseller for 25 years on prediction and management on violent behavior.

Gavin de Becker has been an expert in the services he provides of protecting and managing violence since 1978, working with thousand of People of High value with many followers and also designed a threat identification system MOSAIC, an online assessment tool, that America uses to date!! Easily Making de Becker the best at what he does.

No Public figure shall go unprotected with the services Gavin de Becker has available, he found his niche and shot for the stars. Gavin was elected By Ronald Reagan as a Member of the Board of Governors of the United States Organization for a 3 year term and also served two terms on the Government Advisory Board at the California Department of Mental Health. This man really put the time in. He offers a service for protection of violence like I've ever seen.


An Assessment is a collection of data and reviews in which were experiences we or other people had and learned from, that can offer some Intel on a situation you may or may not be familiar with, and by gathering data for you to be able to assess/place yourself in a much safer place physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Government Authorities, Police officers, politicians and basically anyone of authority, believe what they have to offer for protection and safety is all that we need. But in fact at any moment we are vulnerable to violence in many ways and the Authorities are not always there to provide the protection they promised. So the next best thing would be to learn to protect yourself by assessing violence as it shows and acting in a appropriate manner that will keep all out of harms way, by practicing alertness to danger and violence and learning how to assess what to do in whichever situation it may be.

Mosaic is a very well designed computer assisted error avoidance method aimed for conducting comprehensive assessments on violence. Designed by leading experts in psychology, law enforcement, prosecution, mental health, and threat assessment. This is a for sure way to train your conscious and sub conscious to prepare your mental state and your physical body to run towards the closest form of help instead of away from it and also how to act appropriately in a potential violent situation to de-escalate a situation so no one gets hurt. Aimed to find all possible red flags, hints, signs and hidden traits someone may use that signals any source of violence.


Gavin de Becker is widely known by public figures around the globe for the amazing services he provides them. Don't get me wrong although Gavin de Becker and associates mainly provide protection and management for Public Figures of High Value, he still provides information and training services for everyone so that they can be properly informed on the process to his learnings including, how to assess a violent situation, be able to keep the situation from getting worse and also to be able to escape for help in a moments notice.

De Becker grew up living a not so easy life mired in violence, while his parents were dealing with their own mess he was exposed to many horrible problems. Getting divorced while Gavin was just 3 years old and his mother being a heroin addict, he and his sister were getting abused by the mother due to her drug addiction. His mother than later got married again to Gavin's step father who later along the line was shot by the mother. When Gavin was 16 his mother killed herself an left de Becker with an awful taste in his mouth going into adulthood. With this profound knowledge of violence and how to deal with it learned from the violence and grew. He was taken under the wing of some great people and became Hollywood's next bodyguard. His book became such a notable piece of work people from all over read it and take action. Thank you Sir Gavin for introducing so much important information for us all..