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Elon Musk is the Super Genius of this Century. The Mastermind of solving the worlds Energy issues and a lover of free speech. By owning multiple companies who focus primarily on resolving the more dangerous problems which are us!! We have gotten so bad at taking care of our planet, we were then blessed with a man rich enough to get humanity back on track to a more energy efficient future. Elon just 50 years old is single handily solving worldwide issues that probably wouldn't be addressed otherwise. He believes in humankind...all we need is to be guided and the way we were so blindly guided before didn't settle with Elon so he certainly made a difference for the past couple decades now. Here are just a few of Elon Musk's projects that are on the fast track to making our world a better place and to roll out the red carpet on humankind into the new era of technology. A new phase of our conscious.


Let's start with the most recent big purchase from the Worlds Richest Man with the purchase of twitter. A huge behemoth of a social media platform that until recently was a censorship center, where even some of the more honest people could go ahead and say something in which another individual could simply disagree and BOOM...account temporarily banned or suspended. For just a simple disagreement that would be ruled fascist or extreme and just completely dismantle the act of freely speaking. Not nearly as bad as other social medias but was definitely on the same track to a huge violation of the human rights.

Elon bought twitter after noticing the downward spiral in what we call freedom of speech that twitter as well as people on twitter were upset about literally everything. Here's a tip "Get A Job" rather than hating on everyone for everything. What happened to freedom of speech? y'all need to get over yourselves. Anyway, Elon's purchase of twitter and allowing people to openly say whatever they please is essential to democracy and it important to being a free country. When people hold in stuff they want to say then the result of bottling things in could make people cause harm to themselves or others.

People need to be heard in order for chaos to remain docile. Silencing those who are only telling YOU how they think on any given opinion is certainly getting you a one way ticket to hell. Let people voice their opinion, while you go get evaluated on why you try so hard to silence others. Clearly there is a deeper meaning to your misery so go get checked out. Elon purchased twitter for $44 billion and has since added many changes like the edit button and some others that give humanity a reason to be optimistic about the future as Sir Elon wants us to be moving forward gracefully into the future.


Some of Elons biggest projects include motors and are currently some of the cleanest ways of transportation is running today!! Space X and Tesla both being Eco friendly are two companies that strive for generally the same thing. To get people from point A to point B in the cleanest most efficient way. Granted one of these companies focus on cars navigating the ground and the other company are primarily rockets and spacecraft clearly focused on navigating the outside of the planet and what lies beyond earth. Both use energy that until recently haven't been used for transportation, but they provide energy efficient, low-cost fuel that doesn't harm our planet and impacts the world in other great life changing new way.

Space x, founded and created by elon musk in 2002 is a privately owned company that specializes in the worlds most advanced rockets and spacecraft. Space x designs, manufacturers and launches Spacecraft and rockets for a purpose that took me a second to wrap my head around, but apparently there is another planet aside from earth that humans can live on. With a little bit of work and a tweak to the atmosphere on Mars it can become Earth 2.0!! You heard that right...another planet in this solar system can sustain human life. Ultimately giving our planet a break from the destruction we continuously do to it. Elon created space x to reach and explore mars and make humanity a multi-planetary species. Musk feels we need to change the population so we do not get over crowded in the future and wined up "animals in cages".

Tesla, Elon himself and other silicon valley investors founded Tesla in 2003, this company is an American automotive and clean energy company that focuses on producing clean energy and Eco friendly vehicles that can be integrated in your everyday life. Our lives could be very well improved financially and can knock down your carbon footprint. Elon IS making a difference on our impact to the world with his low cost affordable clean energy vehicles that only require just a charge instead of a fill up. On average a Model X Tesla cost $15.29 per full charge. My go to gas station just hit $4.29 per gallon? Go get you a Tesla. Help out your pockets and lets take of our planet. Tesla is a multitude of clean energy services that within the next few years will take over the planet. Bringing us to a sustainable future where humanity will thrive and flourish.