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4 Things That made Rick Ross "The Boss".

Some of you may know Rick Ross through his music or his crazy amount of land/houses he owns just because he can, he has so many more investments and partnerships that not only gave back to the people but taught us how to be successful on our own. Let me give you just a few more reasons from that laundry list of things Ross has accomplished and the goals that he achieved along the way.


Rick Ross partnered with Jetdoc/healthcare to create an app called "Jetdoc". This Health application that can be downloaded through your mobile device via the internet, it provides a very affordable, time saving and efficient way of communicating with doctors/nurses without really ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Did i mention the app was free, and you can connect with a doctor/nurse in as little as 5 minutes with NO health insurance required. That's what I'm talking about everyone, a basic life necessity like getting your health checked on a regular basis, should be affordable and fast acting. Anything pertaining to ones health should be an immediate priority and not just a means to get rid of them as quick as possible, and provide them a medication that will have them back in no less than 2 months. From the words of The boss "Jetdoc puts the power of managing our own health into our own hands". I'm not sure about y'all but we need this in our lives to ensure we are healthy and moving along, rather than putting our health into the hands of a system that just wants our money.


Maybach Music Group. One of Rick Ross's biggest accomplishments to this day would be owning/managing and producing his very own record label MMG. Not only does sir Ross own the label, he also signed artists that he knew were going just as hard as he was at "making the dream come true." Ross only wants people who are willing to put the work in, on his team. "I show love for everyone but i only want the hustlers on my team"!! MMG was inspired by two main things, One big inspiration was as Ross payed attention and homage to other rappers who made it and the labels they created, Birdman/Slim with cash money who had signed Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Second biggest inspiration behind the name of Rick's Label was his fascination with the German luxury car brand Maybach Mercedes. Now Rick Ross has an exquisite taste in luxury cars which made it nearly obvious he was going to integrate that with his music. Just wanted to shout out my man Ricky Rose and show some well deserved love for all the love he showed us.

Rap Plug Live:

Ross partnered with Rap plug live initially to show the world a more proficient way of finding your favorite Musician/Artist in the hip hop/rap game, also to see what they've been up to as far as performing ( Festivals, Events,Albums drops,Concerts,etc). This partnership as well as all the others Mr. Ross got involved in, is a really big contributing factor for letting people access new content from their music idols. They brought a good weapon to the industry that is going to change the world...i mean aside from everything else that has been changing. This is a new an innovative, for people to feel like they actually experienced an event/concert/festival, all from the comfort of your own home. You can visit their app Rap Plug, or visit their website

"Perfect Day to Boss up":

Perfect day to boss up is one of Rick Ross best seller books, that teaches Wealth, and Success. From Rags to Riches, This Hustlers Guide to Building an Empire, dives deep into his journey to success. Through good and bad Rick Ross pulled stuck it out and came out on top. He talks about the struggles of today as well, with all that's been going on in this world, but never giving up and finding other avenues to make money and give back to his fans. Ross values his fans and does a pretty damn good job showing it. Highly recommend give this book a read, its very insightful and educational. Another gem for the books, "Perfect day to Boss up".