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3 Reasons Snoop Dogg is Humble.

Snoop Dogg as we all know...hopefully, is a humbled man not only because of his past decisions and how he chooses to stay out of certain drama or controversies, allowing everyone to be themselves. He also is a BET, AMA and APRA award winner, with a net worth of $150 million. See snoop in my opinion is humble, all the money he has and still chose to give back in such unique ways, you just can't help but to acknowledge this mans greatness and pay homage to him.

Plizzanet Earth:

The name Plizzanet earth just has Uncle Snoop written all over it, just the style and knowing how Snoop dogg gets down, you know this has to be him!! Plizzanet Earth just started off on late night show called Jimmy Kimmel Live as just a couple clips Snoop put together narrating some of planet earths most natural animal sightings. These few clips were so comical and hilarious that a petition was created of 75,000 signatures for Snoop to continue these videos on Jimmy Kimmel. Snoops consistently being surprised, amazed and just purely comical on some of the animals make this such an organic commentary of animals in their natural habitat. Snoop has one of the funniest/naturally organic personalities that provides some much necessary entertainment. It's almost like it was meant to be.

Inducting Tupac into R&R Hall of Fame:

21 years after the death of Tupac Shakur, in Brooklyn at the Barclay Center was held The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Sir Snoop paid Homage to a Dear friend by giving a lengthy but emotional and truthful speech about how Snoop and the late rapper Tupac Shakur grew up in the industry together stating he was on top of the world with his homies. Snoop talks on how him and Pac shared so many great memories together. Snoop shares an exclusive story about him Pac, Dr dre and Suge knight and their journey together representing Death Row Records. The story of Snoop and Pac's relationship is incredible, i recommend you all give it a read or watch. Such a beautiful way to pay Respect to a brother after his death. Rest in paradise Tupac, you were a real one.

SYFL: (Snoop Youth Football League)

Snoop Dogg is the CEO/Founder of this Football League. Inspired not only by his sons love for the game, but also his love for the game and the love for his community. Growing up in Southern California I could imagine was no walk in the park and i commend anyone and everyone who made it through the struggle. Uncle Snoop's mission for SYFL is to keep as as many people out of the struggle as possible. To ensure these young cats have the advantage and opportunity to have a brighter future than the generations before them. To give them a clear mind and a way to let the frustrations out by Playing the sport of Football. Myself, have many friends who played football and mentioned it was a form of therapy for them. Why not provide these opportunities to people who you know will benefit off of it. Respect to you Snoop D-O double G for being such a huge support by providing these people with a form of freedom they wouldn't have otherwise.

Snoop ranks #9 of top 100 rappers of all time. Yea, you heard that right, on top of all he's done for his community and some!! Although he occupied his time more for his community than his career at the time which is an incredible thing to do, just put your career on the back burner to answer the call of his community and to contribute your priceless time to a cause for his people in need. This is the definition of a humble man by far. People should aspire to be like him and strive to be successful. Thank you snoop for doing what you do!